TOPIC: Bounties?
Bounties? 4 Years ago
I have been thinking about adding a "Bounties" section to the web site and posting some items that Axon (the original developers of Suneido) (or anyone else) would be willing to pay for. I think it would be good for everyone - Axon could get some things to improve their applications and make more money :-) and some Suneido programmers could get some reward for their efforts. And everyone else could also use the new features. The bounties might not be sufficient to pay a good hourly wage (depending how fast you can program!) but at least it would be something.

For example, Santiago recently posted a cookbook entry for running Suneido as a service. I would like to see this built into suneido.exe. You would still need to be able to run not as a service but I assume that is possible. This is something that Axon (the original developers of Suneido) would be willing to pay a "bounty" for (and still keep it open source for everyone else to use).

Another example is that we would like some kind of "chart" feature. This could be written all in Suneido or could interface with another chart utility, presumably an open source one :-) (eg. Ploticus)

What does everyone think of this idea? Is anyone interested? If so I will post more information.

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Re:Bounties? 4 Years ago

A bounty section can be a nice add.
Because it can build a "consulting base" for Suneido helping to erradicate
some "managers fears", and thus helping promote Suneido.