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two linked browses 3 Years, 7 Months ago
hi, everybody, I am absolutely novice in programming, so I suppose my question is quite easy to answer.

I have got two tables, one of pupils and another one with the qualifications of these pupils. I need to show in a Browse all the pupils, and the qualifications in other Browse, in a master-detail relation, and I need this to be done automatically, so when a row is selected, if I add a new record in the detail table, I automatically have the linked column filled. I Know how to do it using an Access and then a Browse (actually I use a ExplorerListViewControl). Is there any way to do this with two Browses (or ExplorerListView)?

Sorry for my english, and congratulations for such a good platform
Re:two linked browses 3 Years, 7 Months ago
There is nothing already built to handle two linked browses. The approach I would take is to put the two browses on a Controller, one below the other (using a Vert). When a line is selected in the top browse, you would change the query on the bottom browse. This might require adding more selection events (Send's) to Browse. Or you could use a timer to check the top selection every second (or more or less). Before changing the query in the bottom browse you would have to save any changes in it.

Hope that helps.

If you get something working it would be nice if you could post your code - it sounds like something other people might be interested in. Perhaps we could add a Cookbook entry for it.

Do not worry about the english - it is good enough. And thank you for your interest in Suneido!
Re:two linked browses 3 Years, 7 Months ago
thanks a lot, I will try it. Be sure that if I am able to do it I will post as soon as posible.