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Differences in display 1 Year, 4 Months ago

I am new to Suneido. I have been playing around a bit with the database and Access controls, and now I have a window with a ExplorerListViewControl. What I noticed that when I use it on Win XP that it looks good and behaves OK. But when I use it on Vista it looks different (almost bad) and the edit fields behave very chaotic. Does anyone know how display is tied in to the different versions of Windows? Thanks!!
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Can you post a screenshot? That might help narrow it down.

ExplorerListViewControl doesn't get used much so there could be problems.

But in general, everything should work ok in XP and Vista. (We, and our customers, use both.)
Re:Differences in display 1 Year, 4 Months ago
Thanks for the reply. I could supply some pictures, but I think it would not help. The problem is in the behavior, that is difficult to capture in a screenshot.

What happens is that when the mouse moves over the window, the window is redrawn quite fast, but the redrawing of the text input fields show a flickering effect. I notices now that when I switch Vista into 'Classic Windows' theme, that the display looks the same as that in Win XP. Even the flickering effect is almost completely gone.

If possible I will try to make a capture out of it, but no guarantee it can be done...

Thanks so far.
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Here are images of the situation on WinXP and Vista. It does not very clearly show the flickering effect on Vista, but maybe you get the idea... see the zip folder for the images.
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Re:Differences in display 1 Year, 4 Months ago
I think I understand what you are talking about.

On Vista, when you move the mouse over fields that are "stacked" vertically, the border between the fields flickers.

This isn't limited to ExplorerListView, I think it's everywhere that you have fields one above the other.

It's funny, I hadn't noticed this, but one of my programmers was aware of it, and now it seems really obvious in our applications.

I think it's related to the fields actually being "overlapped" vertically so you don't get a double border between the fields.

But I'm not sure why this results in the flickering on Vista. I wouldn't think mousing over a field should cause it to re-paint the border.

We'll have to investigate and see if we can come up with a solution. If anyone wants to look into this, it'd be appreciated.

Meanwhile, if you want to get rid of the flickering, you could try disabling the overlap (in GroupControl and FormControl) Or you can disable the themes (controlled by XpThemes? or Suneido.XpThemes?)

Sorry for the glitch. Thanks for reporting it.
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Thanks for the answers. I can understand that spacing the objects a bit more would make it better. Actually I noticed more differences in display between WinXP and Vista, probably also related to the same spacing issue.

There is one other thing, not related to display, but something you can see in the same images. You can see that the name of the first 2 fields ('Id' and 'Type') start with a capital. I don't know why because the original field names only had lowercase characters. It is not a real issue, but it makes me curious why it happens.

Oh, I used the 'Personalize' setting in Vista to switch between the 2 view types. I did not use any Suneido settings for this...

Take care!
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Re:Differences in display 1 Year, 4 Months ago
The reason id and type are coming out different is that stdlib has Field_ definitions for them (Field_id and Field_type) which are automatically used.

You could re-define Field_id and Field_type in your own library but that would affect where they are used in stdlib.

To avoid name overlaps we usually use a prefix for field names based on the table name e.g. part_id, part_type