TOPIC: Vista user interface issues
Vista user interface issues 3 Years, 3 Months ago
A couple of minor things I have noticed with Suneido's user interface on Vista:

- the pull down button on ChooseField's (ChooseList, KeyControl, IdControl) does not fit in very well

- on AccessControl when Next and Last (or First and Prev) are "pushed" they are bright blue - they should look more like disabled (but they can not be actually disabled because you might need to click on them in case another user had added records)

- the custom tooltip control Tip (e.g. used on ListView) does not look like Vista tooltips - I have started replacing it with actual Windows tooltips, although this is a little hard (which is why we wrote Tip originally)

- as Mauro already reported, the toolbar (e.g. on the WorkSpace) does not match the look of the menu bar, even though we are using a Windows toolbar

Luckily, Suneido mostly uses the Windows controls so the look and feel is pretty good.

Any help with fixing these issues would be appreciated :-)
Re:Vista user interface issues 3 Years, 3 Months ago
I have changed the tooltips to use Windows tooltips instead of Suneido's custom Tip.

Also changed AccessControl to change the text of the First/Prev/Next/Last buttons to gray instead of "pushed".

I started to look at the toolbar, but I notice that WordPad looks the same as Suneido (and some other programs).

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Re:Vista user interface issues 3 Years, 2 Months ago
Another minor issue is that when you use the "overlap" feature of Form or Horz or Vert, the new Vista mouse over highlighting of fields does not work quite right. (because part of a field's borders may be "under" another field)
Re:Vista user interface issues 3 Years, 2 Months ago
Hi Andrew. Actually I think that the problem is that the Vista UI is designed with a bad taste in many little things, IMHO. It appears to me like a beta UI. The previous Windows XP Media Center Edition UI was a lot better.

As you have pointed in the WordPad screenshot, the light gray color and the light blue color don't fit together very well, but the Vista designers haven't done much effort to solve this incoherence. I don't like the new editable fields layout either, with a border so light that is near invisible (especially on notebook lcd, because they have lesser contrast). A long way to learn from MacOSX designers, always IMHO...

Anyway, there are many other software in which the toolbar appears light blue (when run in Vista): OpenOffice, Mozilla SeaMonkey, 7-zip, Notepad++, etc. These programs aren't designed for Vista UI, but I don't know why, their UI fit near perfectly in the new UI color scheme.