TOPIC: Problems in compiling BrowseControl
Problems in compiling BrowseControl 3 Years, 11 Months ago
1) In LibraryView I right click in the BrowseControl in the stdlib and then I select 'Copy'. Then I want to paste the BrowseControl class in another library but when I do 'Paste' Suneido shows to me this error: 'syntax error at line 689 string literal too long'.
2) I have modified the BrowseControl in my library, but I'm unable to compile it, because Suneido shows this error: 'win32 exception: ACCESS_VIOLATION' after I do something like:

Database("create mylib2 (group, name, text, compiled) key(name, group)")
QueryApply("mylib where group = -1")
{ |x|
QueryOutput("mylib2", Record(group: -1, name:, compiled: x.text.Eval()))

where 'mylib' contains a copy of the BrowseControl code (to include it in mylib I have selected all the rows of the original code and then pasted them in an empty item created in mylib... It is a workaround to the problem (1) described before).
I have discovered that the problem is in these rows in the New(...) method of the BrowseControl class:

.observer_ListRow = function (member)
._browse.Observer_ListRow2(this, member)

If I comment these rows, then the compiling of the BrowseControl code goes smooothly.

What can I do to compile without the exception error?
Re:Problems in compiling BrowseControl 3 Years, 11 Months ago
I can reproduce the problem. I will look into it.

Thanks for the bug report!