TOPIC: Passing an 'id' to an Access1?
Passing an 'id' to an Access1? 10 Months, 2 Weeks ago
I have a read only browse that responds to a double click. I would like to pass the selected id from the browse (which I have access to) to a control 'LogbookControl' that is an Access1. Then have the Access1 query only the given record.

How can I pass the id from the Browse event to my Access1 control:


  List_DoubleClick(row,col) {
    id = .logbook.GetBrowseData()[row].l_id
    Dialog(0, LogbookControl) // How to send id???

Then in LogbookControl:

#(Access1 'logbook where l_id=????' // How to use id???
  ... controls ...

Thanks for any tips,

Re:Passing an 'id' to an Access1? 10 Months, 2 Weeks ago
The basic idea is to build the query dynamically:



        super("logbook where l_id=" $ Display(id))

You can then use this via:


Dialog(.Window.Hwnd, Object("MyAccess1", id))

Note that you have to use Object rather than # because it's not a constant.

Alternately, instead of inheriting from Access1, you can make a Controller and construct the Access1 control dynamically.

AccessGoTo in stdlib does something similar, except it goes to one record in an Access, not to Access1.
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