TOPIC: Open source is great, thank you Andrew
Open source is great, thank you Andrew 2 Years, 6 Months ago
I 've tried to create Scintilla based syntax highlihgtning /folding for a propritary language using Lexer = Container. (Scintilla user should know what I mean))
Difficult to find something on the WEB, but wait, there is Suneido.
After learning from the adequate Suneido and Suneido's C++ sources I finally got the job done.

So code like this could be highlighted and more important folded :

  IF i >= 0 THEN
    IF bla = true
 s is string = "Thanks to Suneido"  // a comment
// Also this is correct folded
b is True

Even if I dont't use Suneido in production (because of it's Book paradigmn) I have to say that Suneido's sources are simply a plaisure (for interrested programmers :)).
The Suneido Lexer implementation f.i. is IMO pretty clever.
oKEEdOKEE Thanks Suneido folks!
PS / Andrew, it would be nice if you can blog (from time to time)about your " creating a mulithreaded database" ideas

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Re:Open source is great, thank you Andrew 2 Years, 6 Months ago
You're welcome! Glad you could make use of some of the Suneido stuff.

I've been away for the last month in Ecuador and Galapagos so I have not done any more on the multi-threading. I'm hoping to get back to it soon.

Note: It is possible to use Suneido without using the "book" system. There should be another Getting Started that does not use books to make this clearer.