TOPIC: Fatal error
Fatal error 2 Years ago

I have a fatal error :
c:Devsuneidorecord.cpp:111:assertion failure:crep==0||(crep->type=='c'||crep->type=='s'||crep->type=='l')

What is this abaout ?

What can i do to recover the database

I have try every this it's possible with command line and upgrade unsuccessfully ?

Please help me at least recover a part of the database

Thanks for your help

Re:Fatal error 2 Years ago

That error means there is a corrupted record in the database.

Can you still start the database?

What does suneido -check report?

Have you tried suneido -rebuild ?

I guess you don't have any backups?

Let me know a little more and we'll see what we can do.
Re:Fatal error 2 Years ago
Hi Andrew,

it is not possible to start suneido alone
this error occur at the begenning before i call my lib
in a persistent windows.

I have tried every thing in the command line
-check, -rebuilt, -compact, etc...

the backup is not really fresh.

So that, if you have any tools to read suneido.db ?

thank you

Re:Fatal error 2 Years ago
I added a command line argument to ignore the check at start up.

First, make a copy of your database.

Then try: suneido -ignorecheck -dump
(with the new exe)

If that succeeds rename your database and do: suneido -load

If it fails, you can try dumping specific tables, e.g.

suneido -ignorecheck -dump mytable

I hope this helps.

Re:Fatal error 2 Years ago
Hi Andrew,


I will do that on monday 4 august

I will keep you abreast

have a good WE


PS : If you come in france please visit the brittany
the sun is always shinning (almost)...
Re:Fatal error 2 Years ago
Hi andrew

I have the message

"Not a valid database file (or old version)"

It is an old one (built Apr 2005)

But i can't update it now ?

How could i do ?


Re:Fatal error 2 Years ago
Can you send me the database? (By email if it is small, by something like if it is big.) To: mckinlay <at>

If you can, then I will try to recover the data.