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BrowseControl Dynamic 8 Months, 2 Weeks ago

I have n tables:
1) trelleno(tablaid,tabla,descripcion)

Values(1,'trtipotelefono','Tipos de telefonos')
Values(n,'trtipdoc', 'Tipos de Documentos')

2) trtipotelefono(tipotelefono_num,tipotelefono_name,tipotelefono_abbrev)
3) trnacionalidad(paiscod_num,pais_name, pais_abbrev)
n) trtipdoc(tipdoc_num,tipdoc_name,tipdoc_abbrev)

I want to save in the first table, the names of others tables( from 2 to n), my idea is build a browse on the first table and

when doubleclicked event is triggered, open a window for modified the others tables, sending as parameters tabla columns.

Somebody could help me? . Thanks.
Re:BrowseControl Dynamic 8 Months, 2 Weeks ago
Try this from the WorkSpace:


BrowseControl {
        { super("tables") }
    List_DoubleClick(row, col)
        x = .GetRow(row)
            Object("Browse", x.tablename, xmin: 500, ymin: 300))
        return false // do not allow edit

We have to override Browse double click because it normally is used to edit. (If you put this in a library, remove the "()" at the end - that is just so it will run from the WorkSpace)
Re:BrowseControl Dynamic 8 Months, 2 Weeks ago
Excelent!!!, Thanks a lot Andrew.

Aprovecho también para preguntar si hay usuarios que hablen Castellano. Gracias!!!
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