TOPIC: benefits of integration
benefits of integration 3 Years, 10 Months ago
One of the big advantages to Suneido is that everything is integrated - you do not have to worry about combining separate packages for language, database, and deployment (client-server).

When you are using Suneido you take this for granted but a recent struggle reminded me of how nice it is.

My company has a small web application pilot project. Since Suneido isn't designed for web apps we're using Ruby on Rails. I like Ruby (although I like Suneido better!) and I like Rails. But it is not integrated - you have to combine Ruby, Rails, MySQL (or another database), and Apache (or Lighttd or Mongrel etc.).

It might seem like you could overcome the integration issue by combining all the ingredients into one "super" package. That is exactly what InstantRails is.

I recently downloaded InstantRails in order to do some work on our application. Like Suneido it is a single file that you simply unzip wherever you want it - no "installation". So far so good. But when I tried to run it I kept getting "lost connection" from SQL.

When I searched the web for this problem I found it was common. Various solutions were suggested. The problem, of course, was with the integration. After wasting a lot of time, we found the fix was to download from one place and put it in one directory, and then download the whole of MySQL (even though you already have it in InstantRails) to get libmysql.dll and put that in another directory.

I am not sure why they do not fix InstantRails. Having a pre-assembled package is not very helpful if it does not work!

It made me appreciate how nice it is that you do not have to mess around with this kind of stuff with Suneido!