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Suneido in a network 3 Years, 4 Months ago

I recently downloaded Suneido, and would like to know
following :

1) How can I install and use Suneido in a network ?
I installed the software in some computer of our school
network (loging in as administrator) but when I launched it
I got a message that it can not open Suneido.db. (When I
install it in our Windows 2003 server, it runs ok, but
could not find a way to access it from some other computer
of the network.)

2) How can I save my translations ? I could add a new language
but I could not find a way to save my translations, even exiting
the browser as described in the documentation.

Thank you very much
Re:Suneido in a network 3 Years, 4 Months ago

About your questions:

1. When you try to run Suneido as Client Server, have you first worked though the topics in the Getting Started section of the User Manual and gotten up the last topic of Running Client Server?

Suneido only works Client/Server if you have a specific application that you have developed and want to run in that way.

2. The Language Translation topic in the Tools section of the User Manual has details about doing this. Which action are you up to that doesn't appear to work?
Re:Suneido in a network 3 Years, 4 Months ago
If you're getting a message that it can't open suneido.db it probably means that your "working" or "current" directory is not set to where your suneido.db is OR that multiple copies of Suneido are trying to open the same database.

Suneido always looks for suneido.db in the current/working directory. The exe can be anywhere - on your path or referenced explicitly (e.g. c:suneidosuneido.exe) but the db must be in the current directory. If you are running suneido from the command line you need to cd to where the db is. If you are running from a shortcut then you need to set "Start in" to the directory where the db is.

Suneido also requires read/write access to the db so you can't put the db in a directory that is shared read-only.

If you run Suneido in standalone mode, then it is single-user. Suneido opens the database for exclusive access. If you want multi-user (to the same database) then you must run it client-server. However, multiple users can have their own databases (in separate directories) and all run the same exe.

You can run suneido client/server even with just the IDE, although usually there is no reason to do that for standalone use. In a school situation, I would guess that each user (student?) would want their own database to play with.

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Re:Suneido in a network 3 Years, 4 Months ago
Hello Andrew,

Sorry if I this is a windows administration problem, but
let me describe better my situation :

Our students can run suneido localy in their computers
if they launch it as administrators, but this requires
to make public the administrator's password.

So, my question is : How can each student invoke his local
copy of Suneido as normal user of our network i.e using
his own password ?

Or, is there a way to execute suneido from the server (I put
it in \ServerShareSuneido) and maintain the database
locally in their computers ?

Thank you very much for your help
Re:Suneido in a network 3 Years, 4 Months ago
There should be no problem running suneido.exe (and scilexer.dll) from the server with a database in a local directory.

Just make sure the start in/working/current directory is the local directory with the database and then use a path to the exe e.g. \serversuneidosuneido.exe

With this configuration, users only need read-only access to the suneido server directory.