TOPIC: One last question - Front End based.
One last question - Front End based. 1 Year, 2 Months ago
Sorry, its me again.

So, I have now created a book, and I think once a few of my previous questions have been answered, I will be on my way to making this work.

I understand the theory behind books, and have made them with success.

I also understand how you can trigger things on a Work Space via F9.

How can I get a Book to work from a Front End point of view? Perhaps, using a Desktop Icon to run the book? Essentially, being able to use the Book from a 'User' end without going into the Suneido Program.

I used the Persistant Set Windows thing, but didn't really understand what it did, as whilst it made things like Workspace disappear, to start it back up, you had to trigger it from Workspace in Suneido again..

I understand you can type in 'myset'from a Command Line, but where is this Command Line? The program seems to shut down if I run the book as a Persistant Set.
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Re:One last question - Front End based. 1 Year, 2 Months ago
Once you have created a persistent set, you can run it from the command line, for example:

c:suneido> suneido myset

You can then make a shortcut e.g. on the desktop and put this command in the "Target location". For example:

Target: c:suneidosuneido.exe myset

Start in: c:suneido

This is covered a bit in Getting Started > Running Client-Server