TOPIC: New release installer (exe)
New release installer (exe) 3 Years, 6 Months ago
The new release won't install over the 9/1/05 release. It seems to destroy Suneido.db. After it's done destroying everything, it tells you to dump with the old exe and load with the new one. I have backups, but it would have been nice if I got the warning, ahead of time.

This is my first post. I've been using Suneido for several years, and think it's a good stable product.

Re:New release installer (exe) 3 Years, 6 Months ago
If the database format changes, then you need to dump/load. The installer will do this automatically.

However, if you skip releases, you'll have problems. The latest release did not change the database format so it didn't dump/load. But the one before that did. Since you skipped this release, you missed the dump/load.

Ideally, the installer would be smart enough to detect this, but currently it is not. Another alternative would be for it to always dump/load just in case it's needed. Even this might not work depending how old your installation is.

Assuming you have a backup, you should be able to:

- dump your database with the old exe
- download the zip version
- take the new exe and .su files from the zip
- load your database (sunedo -load)
- load the new .su files (e.g. suneido -load stdlib)

Sorry for the problems.