TOPIC: Opening Suneido to End users
Opening Suneido to End users 11 Months ago
being an end-user with no programming experience, I am making this post, perhaps also, with reference to myself.
The first question I ask is whether or not Suneido has what it takes to make it automatically usable for end users.
My responses to this first question are:
1. Programs are not close enough to natural language to be readable and understandable by users
2. Suneido has a significant advantage compared with all other such products. It has an inbuilt database, allowing import from CSV.
3. It has no dependency on bases like MS.NET and perhaps Java. This is of the greatest advantage in size and understranding.
4. The ability to write books, should be further exploted in the direction of a comprehensive IDE. From what I have seen, I think it is possible. Features are missing, but these I can describe.
I am reading "The beginner's manual" by R Ajith. It shows some of the characteristics, that an IDE for an end-user requires.
I intend to explore the concept using the Book as an IDE base for the project I am working on to create a model for translating from English to German. The model operates today in a manual environment. The dictionary DB will be running under Suneido within a couple of days.
The documentation describing the translation steps will be simultaneously ready.
Creating a base for an IDE model for the translation says I need the following:
1. Translation steps defined at the level of discrete program modules. This I almost have.
2. Program function in suneido defined at a similar level.
3. Missing function defined as programs needed. This I think I can write from my perspective.
4. The dictionary, is in usable form as a csv file.
5. The searches in the dictionary as programs.
6. Documentation in book form.
7. Executable programs.
Is this illusory or is it realisable?
What can be done, fromm the developer's perspective, to make it easier for an end-user to use?
When I have finished this exercise then I will have for myself a better idea of the possibilities.
Would those responsible in suneido be interested in helping me and maybe even guiding me? They could take adnatage of what I am doing, by using the material.
I hope so:
Regards, forkinpm.
I am not a programmer but a writer of books. i am currently putting together a model to translate my texts from English to German. Suneido will play a key role, I hope. My next book and my promotion sites will come to life in some two months.
Re:Opening Suneido to End users 11 Months ago

As long as I know, Suneido is a tool for developers, not final users. It was designed with the developer in mind, if you need something more final user friendly I would recommend Microsoft Access wich allows for simple Macros and lots of Wizards and the db is indeed included.
Of course, Suneido gives you more power (And freedom) but these comes at a price :-)
Re:Opening Suneido to End users 11 Months ago
Suneido has primarily been aimed at programmers.

However, some non-programmers (like Ajith) have done a lot with it. (Basically learning how to program as they go.)

If you are happy with what you have seen so far, then I would encourage you to continue.