TOPIC: dll - pointer to long value 0
dll - pointer to long value 0 1 Year, 8 Months ago

The documentation states that passing 0 as a string * parameters will give a NULL pointer, OK.

But when I pass 0 as a long * parameter, I exspect a pointer to that value 0 to be generated, not 0 itself.
Also tried it with double *, same result.

This is probably the reason that the SQLite Interface by Claudio Mascioni doesn't work anymore. Don't use it, but tried it out at some time and got stuck with ACCESS_VIOLATION exceptions.

For myself I will resolve it by using string * ("x00x00x00x00"). But I think there are more problems with the dll functions in stdlib.


Re:dll - pointer to long value 0 1 Year, 8 Months ago
You often need to pass a NULL pointer so that is why it works that way.

But I can see that might be a problem if you want to pass a pointer to a zero.

Another option might be to use LONG* where LONG is defined in stdlib as a struct containing a long.