TOPIC: Troubles with Suneido and Vista...
Troubles with Suneido and Vista... 3 Years, 3 Months ago
Hi, let me say first that to enhance security, in Vista there are many things that are very stressful for developers used to XP.
One of these things is the UAC system, that among other things, it prevents an user (or an app without administrative privileges) from writing in the C:/Program Files/YourApp directory. Instead it writes in a virtual directory stored in C:/Users/YourUserName/AppData/Local/Virtual Store/Program Files/YourApp.
Now this usually works well for Suneido (if it is stored in the C:/Program Files/ dir too), but when I do a "suneido -compact" it appears a "Fatal Error" window with the following message: "can't rename temp file to suneido.db". I think it is a problem of privileges but this is strange, because with the UAC the renaming is supposed to be done in the "Virtual Store", where the user has the privileges to write...

For now my solution is that of installing my suneido app in the root of C:. In this way, the UAC virtualization doesn't enter in action. But I don't like to have an app in the root of my hdd. It should be in the Program Files folder.

Any suggestions?

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Re:Troubles with Suneido and Vista... 3 Years, 3 Months ago
I have not noticed this problem yet, but we do not have much experience with Vista. I do not think any of our customers are using Vista for the server, only for clients. We will investigate.

Thanks for the problem report.