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Wish list 4 Years ago
A Wish List could be nice too...

Here goes my top wish

- Suneido Internals Handbook: A guide to compile and hack into Suneido Source Code.

- Suneido client Server Protocol- A Hackers guide

Yeah I know writting text books isn't funny but ...
Re:Wish list 3 Years, 12 Months ago
I would like those too :-)

I have thought about writing some kind of "Inside Suneido" but too many things to do and not enough time!

I'm usually pretty good at answering questions on the forum - we could use that to start collecting information. (if people ask questions)
Re:Wish list 3 Years, 11 Months ago
Hey andrew !

It has been a while since I was here last (i see the site has been upgraded to joomla nice looks sharp ! :woohoo: ) and prgrammed in suneido.. I wished I hadnt left it for so long and now Im having issues even doing some basic stuff !

Seeing this post made me curious as to why a wiki hasnt been set up here at wiki.suneido ? I know that there are a couple around the web but it would be nice to aggergate a few people together on one...

Re:Wish list 3 Years, 11 Months ago
Yes, I think a wiki is a very good idea too. In this way, the manual could grow with contributes of all suneido users and it can be easly translated in other languages.
Re:Wish list 3 Years, 11 Months ago
There is probably a wiki that would be compatible with Joomla. I will look into it.
Re:Wish list 3 Years, 10 Months ago
We now have a Wiki. You may need to Refresh to see it on the button bar at the top of the page. This is a Joomla version of DocuWiki. Everyone should be able to read it, but you need to be logged in to post anything.

There is nothing on it, yet ... :-)

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Re:Wish list 3 Years, 10 Months ago