TOPIC: Alignment flaw in FormControl
Alignment flaw in FormControl 4 Years, 4 Months ago
Just before going away, Andrew noticed (I hope the last) misalignment within FormControl. When using something like:
Window(#(Form (CheckBox CheckBox) nl Field))
The CheckBox erases the Field's top line of the next line when it gets focussed.
It's caused by a last minute modification to CheckBox and RadioButton to deal with another issue. Only the solution was incorrrect.
For CheckBox and RadionButton in New() the line :
.Ymin = Max(d, (++.Ymin/2).Int() * 2 + 6) // ensure nicely centered
should be the original:
.Ymin = Max(d, (++.Ymin/2).Int() * 2 + 7) // ensure nicely centered

And Resize(x, y, w, h) should be:
super.Resize(x, y+1, w, h-2)


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Re:Alignment flaw in FormControl 4 Years, 4 Months ago
Thanks Jos. I will make sure the fixes get put in stdlib.