TOPIC: Interface to Spell Checker
Interface to Spell Checker 3 Years, 5 Months ago
Probably GNU Aspell.

From a brief look, Suneido's DLL interface may not be sufficient to use the existing Win32 DLL supplied with Aspell so it may require writing a new DLL that is callable by Suneido. (This should be relatively straightforward.) Preferably the result would be a single DLL with both the new interface and the Aspell library. If this was difficult, it would be ok to write a wrapper DLL that called the existing Aspell DLL. (The two DLL approach might make it easier to update to new versions of Aspell, as long as the interface had not changed too much.)

Only the basic functions need to be available - check a word, get suggestions for misspellings, ignore a word, and add a word to a custom dictionary.

Note: Using this interface to add spell checking to an edit control (e.g. Scintilla) will be a separate project.

From: Axon
Contact: mckinlay at axonsoft dot com
Price $250 USD
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Re:Interface to Spell Checker 10 Months, 1 Week ago
Santiago Ottonello is working on this.

Thanks Santiago!
Re:Interface to Spell Checker 8 Months, 1 Week ago
Santiago has completed this using Hunspell. This is the same spell checker used in Open Office, Firefox, and Thunderbird and there are dictionaries for many languages.

We had problems getting a dll to work so he used RunPiped to communicate with the hunspell.exe

This will be included in the next release.

Thanks Santiago!
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