TOPIC: KeyList Access
KeyList Access 3 Years, 12 Months ago
Most often I would use the Access button of a KeyListControl to add a new entry to the list. The Access always comes up with a blank record, but protected record. Using startNew: in the Access does not help. I have modified KeyListView - On_Access() method to

if .field.Get() is ""
newRecord = true
newRecord = false
AccessGoTo(.access, .prefixColumn, .field.Get(), .Window.Hwnd, newRecord: newRecord)
.NewValue(.prefix_by.Get(), .prefix_by)

I find this working. Is this OK?
Is there any way to make the AccessDialog not to occupy the entire screen - just the size required to show teh fields. startNew of the access defenition is not supported, are other options like - validField supported?

Re:KeyList Access 3 Years, 12 Months ago
Your modification looks good. I'm not sure if this is what our users would want.

AccessGoTo specifies a fixed size for the dialog. Because AccessControl puts the body into a scrollable region, I'm not sure how to size it to the controls.