TOPIC: is suneido object-oriented?
is suneido object-oriented? 3 Years, 11 Months ago
hello! im just a new user of Suneido. actually i just used it today. im a student and our professor asked me to give a report and presentation on Suneido for the class. The requirement was to elaborate why is Suneido an object-oriented programming langauge. it is also required to give a sample program regarding that matter. what i understand about object-oriented programming is that they use Class, Objects, and Methods. it also includes polymorphism, encapsulation, and abtraction. my question is, is Suneido same as Java when working with objects? and why is it an object-oriented language? and if its not much of a bother can someone lend me a sample working program with it using objects. i just find it easier to study a new language if i have a sample program as a reference. i know im asking too much but any kind of help will surely help me a lot. thank you very much!
Re:is suneido object-oriented? 3 Years, 11 Months ago

Yes, Suneido is object-oriented (although, unlike Java, it also allows standalone functions). Suneido has classes with methods, and you create instances of those classes. It supports polymorphism and encapsulation (private methods and members) and abstraction (virtual methods).

This page:

has an example written in Suneido:

Hope that helps.
Re:is suneido object-oriented? 3 Years, 11 Months ago
sorry for a late reply. thank you very much sir andrew. thank you for answering all of my questions and also for the link you provided. it really helps a lot. thanks again! :)