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Web Applications 1 Year, 8 Months ago

I stumbled accross Suneido half an hour ago and have one urgent question :-)
Is it possible to use Suneido as a backend for a web application (I mean: can Suneido answer to an XMLHTTPREQUEST in some way?)

By the way:
As I said I found Suneido just a couple of minutes ago, but if it does what it promises on your page ... why don't you label it as "4GL", because it looks like being just what I learned that 4GL means?
I was looking for ages for an Open Source language with integrated database support and I always searched for "4GL" and found for example "Aubit 4GL" or "SheerPower 4GL" (but the first has very bad documentation and is hard to handle, the second is free but not OpenSource).

Or do I misunderstand either Suneido or the meaning of the term "4GL"?

Re:Web Applications 1 Year, 8 Months ago
Hi Zet:

Yes you can respond to a XMLHTTPREQUEST from suneido.
Suneido includes a WebServer class that you can customize to respond incoming URL, the response can be i.e. a suneido function.
As an example stdlib includes SuneidoWiki that lets you run a web server serving a wiki.
There are support for other protocols as smtp and pop3 also, and if you are in the mood, you can roll your own with ServerClass and ClientClass wich lets you write your own TCP servers and clients.

About 4GL, i don't know... but you are right it's difficult to find suneido, Suneido needs more marketing perhaps :-) I found it myself nearly by mistake, and I love Suneido now
Re:Web Applications 1 Year, 8 Months ago
C++ is a 3GL. Suneido is written in C++ and provides frameworks for developing entire business applications including reporting, so I guess it could be considered a 4GL, but probably falls somewhere between a 3GL and 4GL.
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Re:Web Applications 1 Year, 8 Months ago
Now I played a little with Suneido and I'm amazed :)

It really is exactly what I'm looking for for nearly two years now, and I really did a lot of searching ... on my job I work with the Progress 4GL and of course Suneido is much more leightweighted, but I would call it a 4GL ... think about it, I think once the search engines got this more people would find their way to Suneido :)

Re:Web Applications 1 Year, 8 Months ago
I guess Suneido could be called a "4GL". The Suneido language itself is not really "4GL" but maybe together with the database and the libraries.

The term "4GL" became so overused that I tend to avoid it, but if it would help people find Suneido then that would be good.

I will look at adding it to the web site in a few places.

Thanks for the suggestion. I hope you find Suneido useful.