TOPIC: problems with OpenFileControl
problems with OpenFileControl 1 Year ago
when i try use openfilecontrol in vista i get accessviolations and crashes. This not happen when i use savefilecontrol or openfilename() or savefilename(). Are their kwown issues in vista with this? maybe vista caused?
Re:problems with OpenFileControl 1 Year ago
We have had the same problems with Vista. It doesn't seem to happen on XP. I have seen posts on other forums about similar problems on Vista and the use of the lpstrInitialDir parameter with GetOpenFileName. Some of those posts claim you can't pass a path containing the file name in this parameter (path must be a folder only). I haven't had a chance to verify this yet.
Jeff Ferguson
Suneido Software
Re:problems with OpenFileControl 1 Year ago
Thanks for information, i can verify if it will fix problem for me! :)