TOPIC: Access/Browse is name required?
Access/Browse is name required? 10 Months, 2 Weeks ago
I have three tables:


ensure faa_airport (faaapt_id, ...)
ensure faa_dtp (faadtp_id, faaapt_id, ...) 
  index (faaapt_id) in faa_airport(faaapt_id)
ensure faa_runway (faar_id, faaapt_id, ...) 
  index (faaapt_id) in faa_airport(faaapt_id)

I then have a control:


    #(Access faa_airport
      (Vert ...
        (Tabs ...
          (Browse faa_runway linkField: 'faaapt_id' name: 'faaapt_id' Tab: 'Runway')
          (Browse faa_dtp linkField: 'faaapt_id' name: 'faaapt_id' Tab: 'Dtp')

Without the 'name' attribute on the Browse controls, the Browse controls do not load the data for the associated airport. With the name controls, it makes it impossible for me to get access to each of the Browse controls independently to respond to things such as a Double Click correctly.

What am I doing wrong or how should I have coded this?

Re:Access/Browse is name required? 10 Months, 2 Weeks ago
I think you can make a rule that just returns .faaapt_id and use that as the name of one of the Browse's