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Needs templates reports 9 Months, 2 Weeks ago
Hi, your system is very good!

The generator of reports working by a principle of templates is necessary for my program. That is there is a template made in a spreadsheet (without formulas) and on its basis the ready report is formed.
How to realise it in Suniedo?. Necessary additional GridControl? It is possible to add it?

p.s. Excuse for my bad English.
Re:Needs templates reports 9 Months, 1 Week ago

Do you want to actually use a spreadsheet program? If so you might be able to use COM from Suneido to automate the spreadsheet and fill in the data.

Or do you want to have something like a spreadsheet inside Suneido? You could use ListControl but it does not have formatting like a spreadsheet.

Have you looked at the Reporter report writer? It requires some set up so you could look at the accounting download for an example.

I hope that helps.

Do not worry about your English. What is your native language? We have some Spanish speaking users.