TOPIC: jSuneido IDE based on Netbeans ?
jSuneido IDE based on Netbeans ? 1 Year, 3 Months ago
What do you think?
During the last months I had very less time 'cause I was working (remote) for a company in Australia. As you can imagine the time difference nearly kills me (Australia/France + 8 hours) To improve our project related communication I've started a Netbeans based side project which enables the Management to visualize the project. A sort of flow chart.
I made that based on the Visual Library. Now the next "almost logical" idea was : Why not using this lib. to create a visual database-modeler for Suneido ? A very nice effect will be that this will also help me to create the jdbc thingy.

Next : Creating a syntax coloring editor for Suneido's DDL
(create, ensure, etc,) as well as an editor for Suneido's query language should not take more than 2 days of work on each item.

A full featured Suneido code editor is of course more difficult. (ATM, I still have no idea how Andrew has implemented the ANTLR stuff. Not because it is too complicated, just because of Suneido is integrated. And that means our source is somehow uncomplete:

You do not write :
function gcd (x, y )

instead you create a libray item named gcd and your code simply is : function(x,y)
How to Lex, how to parse that ?

Well, I guess this is allready too special... What do you think about having a Netbeans RCP based IDE for Suneido. Does it make sense ?

Could not resist: One of the things we could reuse for a jSuneido IDE is the developper collaboration plugin. Just want to say this : remote pair programming.

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Re:jSuneido IDE based on Netbeans ? 1 Year, 2 Months ago
I am more familiar with Eclipse than Netbeans. I have thought about an Eclipse based IDE.

One bad part would be that it would make the basic Suneido bigger and more complicated to set up. For "addon" tools that would be ok.

I actually gave up on Antlr because I ran into too many problems getting it to do what I wanted.

The way Suneido stores code in libraries in the database does not really make it any harder to parse.

The new parser written in Java will be easier to re-use for things like syntax coloring.

Note: The latest Suneido snapshot should already be syntax highlighting in QueryView. (This was added as part of the rewrite of the Scintilla code into "addons".)
Re:jSuneido IDE based on Netbeans ? 1 Year, 2 Months ago
Thanks Andrew.

Implementing syntax highlighting for Request and Queries is a piece of cake (in case of Netbeans)

It simply means describing the syntax in EBNF, add a few whitespace and identifier info. and that's it.

I know that your time is very limited,so in general I hestitate to offer you a link, but this doc is very short.

You can skip the first 60 percent of the doc.
Let me know what you thing.

Implementing a full featured Suneido code editor is indeed harder. It requires to understand the Lexer-Edtior-and the Lexer-Editor bridge API .... Having a hand crafted parser is however a huge step forward.
Seeing is believing ... 1 Year, 2 Months ago
Yes, sure : Seeing is believing

so, hope I can create a bit during this week.
syntax highlighting for queries and/or requests.

maybe some basic visual things.
Andrew, I am curious : How do you ou make it with Scintilla in Eclipse RCP ? Did you create a wrapper ? Or ?
Re:Seeing is believing ... 1 Year, 2 Months ago
So far I am just working on the server side - no user interface.

When it comes time to work on the user interface side, there will be a lot of decisions - including what to do about Scintilla.