TOPIC: Minor beauty problems
Minor beauty problems 4 Years, 3 Months ago

Few minor points -
1)The outer line that makes a rectangle defining a control's area usually includes the button (if any) as well. Spinner control but keeps the buttons outside the rectangle.
2)I might have written this earlier, but i do not remember what was told - defining width for Number control (and others that derive from it) is difficult.To make a Number control have the same width as that of a field control with width:14, I need to specify 21. Why should the width of Number control be in digits? Why cant it be as in other controls
3)The width of drop down button in controls have a width of about 1.8. To make such controls have the same width as those without a drop down button, the width should be specified with a decimal place.

     (Field width:12 group: 0)nl
     (ChooseDate width:10.2))))

WIll the width of all drop down buttons be made 2?

Re:Minor beauty problems 4 Years, 3 Months ago
Hi Ajith,

SpinnerControl and ChooseControl's are quite a bit different in how they're constructed. A border could probably be added around the field and the updown control.

The reason the numbers and fields widths are different when the same width is specified is because numbers are generally narrower than alpha characters, and I think NumberControl uses the width of the number "9" in the current font multiplied by the width, whereas I think the FieldControl uses the width of the letter "M" (the widest characters).
Jeff Ferguson
Suneido Software