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The future of suneido 1 Year, 11 Months ago
Hi Andrew:

I was wondering... what is your view about the future of Suneido?

Will it be replaced by jSuneido?
There will be 2 Versions?

Are they gonna be compatible with each other?

If I got it right you turned into java looking to improve perfomance by using the multiples cores available nowadays (the idea is that the jvm will do the magic for you) I'm right?.

My experience is that java != Perfomance :-) and jSuneido will loose one of the greatest strengts it have (In my opinion at least...) Zero installation in the client side

In the bright side it will run on linux (In my opinion very much desirable) or even Mac

The biggest issue as you noted in your blog is UI, i haven't did much UI with java but a few tests made a few of years ago tell me DON'T USE SWING for god sake :-) Use SWT instead (The eclipse UI library) i can tell it's more perfomant and even easier to use the only catch is freeing resources as it call native .dll (Dinamic libraries in Linux) and they can no be garbage collected... but that can not be much a problem for a C++ guy, anyway :-)
Re:The future of suneido 1 Year, 11 Months ago
The current C++ version of Suneido will stay around. At first, we will probably only use jSuneido on the server, where we usually have to do a bunch of setup anyway. We'll still be able to use cSuneido clients with a jSuneido server.

I think Java performance is not as bad as it used to be. There are two parts to performance with Suneido. One part is the database - replacing C++ code with Java code could be slower, but it is probably more limited by disk IO etc. The other part is Suneido code - here I think the JVM is probably quite a bit better than Suneido's VM (JIT compiler etc.)

We will have to run some actual benchmarks to find out.

I agree that requiring the Java run-time is not good. But more and more systems have it already and it is getting quite easy to install.

When/if I get to the UI I will remember your comments.
Re:The future of suneido 1 Year, 11 Months ago

About the java runtime i've remembered about a native compiler for java. It's called excelsion.

It seems that the professional version supports multiple processors


What editions of Excelsior JET are available?
Excelsior JET for desktop/server platforms comes in three Editions:

Excelsior JET, Standard Edition provides the minimum set of features required for compiling Java applications to native code and packaging them for deployment.

Excelsior JET, Professional Edition is targeted at the professional developer requiring maximum application performance, reduced download size, and other advanced features.

Excelsior JET, Enterprise Edition adds support for hi-end multiprocessor servers.

Excelsior JET, Embedded Edition implements the Java SE for Embedded technology. It has most features of the Professional Edition and enables you to target embedded Windows and Linux platforms.


May be it can be the return of our beloved single .exe ??? :-)
Re:The future of suneido 1 Year, 11 Months ago
oops it is very expensive Excelsior enterprise $4,500
Re:The future of suneido 1 Year, 11 Months ago
I think the GNU Java compiler can compile exe's from Java programs. It has a better price :-)