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WorkSpace Change 3 Years, 3 Months ago
When I first saw IDE's with separate output and find tabs I did not like them. I am not sure why. So I made WorkSpace with a single combined output pane. But this is not always the best. I find myself clearing find results to look at code output and vice versa. So for a while I have been thinking I should change WorkSpace to have separate output and find tabs. I finally got around to it. As I had expected, it was fairly easy. I made a slight improvement to Tabs/TabControl to allow vertical tabs. Here is the result:

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Re:WorkSpace Change 3 Years, 3 Months ago
Isn't it faster to press CTRL-F and input the word to find?
Anyway, I like the vertical tabs. :)

However, have you noticed that in Vista the appearence of the Suneido windows isn't as good as in XP? I think it is because the tool bar has a gray look that is very different (and ugly) in respect to the above menu bar (shaded with a light blue shade).

Give a look at the OpenOffice toolbar in Vista for an example of an UI consistent with the Vista theme:

As you can see, the menu bar and the tool bars are all blue shaded.

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Re:WorkSpace Change 3 Years, 3 Months ago
The Find tab is for the output from Find in Libraries - Ctrl+F still works the same.

I have been using Vista on my Mac with Parallels. I agree Suneido doesn't look as nice. I'm not sure why - I thought we used the standard toolbar control.