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Preferences 4 Years, 4 Months ago

I would like to congratulate you on this product.
I haven't used it alot yet, but it seems that it can be used in quite a few types of applications that I had in mind, which otherwise would require a combination of various products to achieve. (meaning of course a language, a database, drivers for the database compatible both with the language and the operating system and generally stuff that server no purpose other than get in your way and make your head hurt).

I have a question though.
I like to have the "freedom" to customize my development environment, especially when it comes to which fonts I use. I see that Suneido lacks this feature. Is there any way to configure that, or if not, do you plan on allowing this in some (near) future version?


Nick Tzanos

P.S. Being greek I appreciate the greek origin of Suneido's name ;)
Re:Preferences 4 Years, 4 Months ago
Hi Nick.

You can change some of the settings in the development environment. If you go to the ScintillaControl, you can change settings like the font type, font size, and colors.

To change the font type, go to line 38 and replace the "Courier New" with the font you would like to use.


SendMessageText(.Hwnd, SCI.STYLESETFONT, SC.STYLE_DEFAULT, "Courier New");

To change the font size, go to line 39 and replace the "10" with the size you would like to use.



There are various other settings you can change in here also such as the color of comments, strings, and numbers.

Hope this helps.