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MDI applications 4 Years, 6 Months ago
Hi everybody

I have make an organizer, a window is a complete
week for an employee. ( MDI application) based on
a listControl object (colums -> day, line-> hours)
When you tranfert an appointment from an employee to
an other.
when you come back (alt+tab) in the initial window,
even if its setfocus is active, then the listcontrol
embedded isn't refresh() i don't know what's happend
and i have try a lot of solutions before
to ask you
If anybody has an idee ?

thanks for answer

Re:MDI applications 4 Years, 6 Months ago
Sounds like an interesting application. Maybe you will consider contributing it to the library when it is done?

If you are using ListControl then I assume you are loading the data yourself. If you .Set(newdata) that should redraw the list. Or if you are just updating the same data object, you should be able to call .Repaint.

But maybe you have already tried these things. If you can post a small example of your code that might help.

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